Rush Prints
Ravi Prasad Film Lab offers the ultimate in custom black & white film processing. We process all types of 35mm and 16mm Black and White film, and all color process black and white films in the most technically advanced equipment available. All of our processing is computerized allowing extensive monitoring of all processing variables.Consistent quality, that's our motto for the printing service.We use the Refrema dip and dunk for consistent black & white processing. It eliminates the possibility of roller marks ruining your film.
A range of Bell and Howell printing machines are used for 16mm, super 16mm, 35mm and super 35mm prints. Fitted with additive heads and electronic light valves, they have both the option of dry gate printing of rushes, or wet gate printing of production work, while loop racks are used for commercial bulk printing. Our BHP Panel printer offers an added advantage of "rock & rolling" to produce feature bulk release work.

We offer the following Rush Prints:

Black and White Rush Prints - 35mm

Black and White Rush Prints - 16mm

Blow Up Rush Prints in color

Silent Married Rush Prints

Portion Rush Prints

We offer the following Release Prints:

Answer Print

Release Prints

Release Print in Liquid Gate

Super16mm to 35mm Blow Up