Digital Services

Ravi Prasad Film Labs Digital Cinema facility employs the highest level of security, unmatched in the local industry. Our Lab houses a brand new full service HD facility with the latest in digital cinema post-production. And audiences are enjoying the best possible cinematic experience with amazing image quality and 3D movies made possible by digital cinema.

Our Digital Cinema team collaborates closely with producers, distributors, cinematographers and other creatives to ensure that the vision of the film makers is encoded and plays back accurately. To preserve the quality of the films, we have built a dedicated digital quality control screening theatre with 24/7 access and stereoscopic 3D capability for digital cinema package checks. When finished, our team can output your project on a variety digital formats and we can arrange in-house mastering, authoring, and fast turnaround transfers and duplication.

Our Digital Cinema Services include:

Precision with Cintel 4K Scanner

When it comes to scanning film, efficiency is paramount and this system delivers. Using cutting edge digital film acquisition technology, it ensures the highest image quality and repeatability.

Finish faster with smoke

smoke is a versatile online editing and finishing system that excels in every aspect, whether it editing,audio,paint,character generation,graphic design or visual effects.That too at such speed that other software are left wnating.Leaving you with visuals so eye catching,you'll forget they are effects.

Vision to colour, colour to Lustre

With Lustre,one has the freedom to shape colours and lights with unprecedented precision. As a premier digital intermediate color grading system,Luster makes maintaining continuity of colour throughout a narrative a simple task.Truly bringing visions to colour in our hands.

The Fidelity of Arrilazer Recorder

The Arrilazer faithfully reproduces true colour,maintaining a fine detail and a high contrast.It bridges the gap between digital and analog film production exploiting the full potential of film stock.

Support Systems

VFX from Autodesk Maya,Autodesk 3Ds Max,Autodesk Combustion,Apple Shake and Adobe Creative Suites.

Sleek Digital Intermediate

A Streamlined DL pipeline lets work flow smoothly from one process to next. The adaptability and flexibility of the system comes from the multitasking environment. You could be Creating 3d title design while doing the colour correction

Visual Effects

You visualize it, We make it happen.


3D and 2D Animation, character generation and move.

Interformat & Telecast Transfers

Zero error inter format transfer solutions for telecasting and presentations.

Final Cut Pro HD edit bays and Editors

Sound Design and Scoring

Graphics and Titling

Professional Color Correction

Duplication and Transfers

DVD and Blu-Ray authorings