Raviprasad Film Lab fully automated world-class film lab, processes both colour and black & white films. The air-conditioned, dust-free lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art submerged processors and the latest BHP printers with wet gate.

Our labs modern infrastructure is augmented by the expertise of technicians with impressive industry experience. Support services include ultra-sonic cleaning and coating. The facility’s services include Negative Processing, Rush Printing, Digital cinema services, Negative Cutting and Release Printing. Support services range from ultrasonic cleaning to coating.

Eco Friendly

Our lab incorporated many of the new technologies, processes and quality control systems which are standard in any international laboratory. We are also proud of its eco-friendly processes, achieved by using new chemical processes, water treatment and re-circulation systems, all aimed at minimizing the damage to the environment. All this efforts make for world class processing facility.

The latest creative tools,dedicated performance and constanly interacting with clients fuel the creative process.Enabling our clients through deeper collaboration brings out stunning visual results.

Customer Service

At Ravi Prasad Filmlab customer service and satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to complete customer projects in a record time without making any compromises on quality. We are committed to providing our clients with the best technology to satisfy their needs.

We Offer the following services:

Negative Processing

Outdoor Equipments Rent

Rush Prints – Printing and processing

UltraSonic Cleaning

3M Coating